Texoma Country Pools and Spas offers Trevi above-ground pools, custom inground pools, Artesian hot tubs and spas, installation services, and pool supplies in north Texas and southern Oklahoma area, and we’ve been doing it for over a decade. If you have ever wanted to turn your yard or pool area into an amazing paradise, we can do it! Our professional design team can create your getaway that will keep you smiling every time you are out there to enjoy it.

pool service

In Ground pools

Custom designed inground pools for your yard to create your vision of paradise.

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Above Ground pools

Fun and financially friendly, our inground pools come in all shapes, sizes and depths.

spas and hot tubs


Cleaning, troubleshooting, diagnosis, sand replacement and more.

outdoor kitchens

outdoor kitchens

The perfect addition to your pool, spa or hot tub to complete your paradise.


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New pools, Spas and hot tubs

Texoma Pools and Spas provides the best selection of both inground and above ground pools and spas for all of North Texas. We'll help you turn your backyard into a paradise that you and your family can enjoy.

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Service and Repair

Texoma provides a wide range of services for your pool, spa or hot tub including cleaning, covering/uncovering, plumbing & electrical work, leak detection/repair equipment repairs & replacement, salt water conversions and more.

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Texoma pools and spas can help you turn your backyard into paradise and help you from the planning phase to installation with covers, fences, liners, and more.

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In-Store Services

Texoma in store services offered include motor replacement, sweep diagnosis and repair, water analysis and troubleshooting. If you can't figure it out, bring it in and we'll help.


"Because you are a man of your word"

I do appreciate the fact you and Shannon have become more than business associates, it all come about because you are a man of your word, I didn’t know this when I started shopping for a pool,basically comparing price quotes, Now that the season is over, and we are closing the pool,I think of all the times we met and the changes made and all the good time had with the Grand-kids,most of these are because you did what you said. Thanks again, this was a Once in a lifetime purchase and you made it enjoyable!

-Ralph Roberts Durant, Oklahoma


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Turn Your Backyard Into a Much-Needed Paradise During COVID-19

With vacations and travel halted for many, due to concerns or restrictions involving COVID-19, Texoma Country Pool and Spas wants to help people build their own paradise in their backyard.

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Policy and Pricing

The best and most affordable pool/spa cleaning and repair services in Sherman, Tx. View our policies and pricing to keep your pool in tiptop shape for those hot days.

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First Aid for Swimming Pool Chlorine And Chemical Exposure

The chemicals used to keep your pool clean and clear are hazardous materials. Mixing the two can create dangerous fumes. Learn more about what to do if you get acid or chlorine in your eye, on your skin or inhale acid fumes.

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