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A more relaxed and natural look for your pool

Need inspiration for the pool of your dreams? Freeform pools are the perfect tie-in to your nature-oriented landscaping. With the ability to fit perfectly into any space, these freeform swimming pools are not defined by straight lines or hard angles. These pool types can be lagoon or natural style, and incorporate rock features, waterfalls and stone decking.
If you’re considering an inground pool, you may have already started looking at the construction options like fiberglass, concrete, and vinyl liners. However, before you choose the type of inground pool that you’re going to install you’re going to need to choose the shape of your pool.
If you’re curious about these types of questions you have come to the right place. At Texoma Country Pools we deal with these questions every day. We’ve been helping folks build their dream pool right in their own back yard for years. We’ll go over each of these questions in detail below.
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types of freeform pools


We highly recommend gunite for our pools here in the warmer climate of Texas and Oklahoma for multiple reasons.

To build a gunite swimming pool, a construction team creates an opening large enough for the pool, plumbing, rebar reinforcing rod, and other accessories. In general, rebar is spaced about 10 inches apart, and secured with wire. On top of the rebar, the crew sprays a heavy coating of gunite cement.

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Vinyl Liner

We do not recommend vinyl liner pools.  For an in depth look at the reasons I recommend reading our post on problems with in-ground vinyl liner pools.

Concrete Freeform Pools

When it comes to a concrete pool of any shape, the cost is really going to come down to the total square footage of the size of the pool.

We still recommend constructing a gunite pool for the sheer durability and longevity versus a concrete pool, not to mention the significant cost savings.

Advantages of gunite designs

This is the biggest advantage of building a gunite pool, there are really no limitations when it comes to size or shape. We custom design this pool to your vision and specifications. We want to make sure that your pool fits your home and yard perfectly.

We find that when talking to folks about planning for a pool, it’s also very helpful to take a look at your entire yard. Some things you might want to consider when planning would be:

  • If you have children and pets would it be beneficial to maximize the amount of grassy area in your yard for a play area year round.
  • If you want to have outdoor furniture in your yard do you have adequate paved areas or patio platforms for that furniture
  • If you’d like to have an outdoor room, such as a Florida room that lets in massive amounts of natural light.
  • If you would like to have garden beds in the yard. These often soften what looks like hard edges in the fencing around your yard and make a visually appealing perimeter all while providing increased privacy.


design options for freeform custom in ground pools

Design options consist of two main factors: the visual appearance and detail of the curves of your pool. There are a lot of variations in designs on freeform pools, but what it really comes down to is the curvature of the shape of the pool.

Our team has been installing gunite inground freeform pools for years. We can find the right solution for you that maximizes your swim space and provides an amazing visual appeal for your yard.

The main decision that you’re making with the design of your pool is shape and elegance and the shape of your swim space. 

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How much room do you need for a freeform pool?

Here at Texoma Country Pools, we believe that a well-designed swimming pool, whether its standard shaped or freeform should serve as a compliment to an amazing back yard or any outdoor space near your home.

That’s why our team custom designs your gunite pool to meet your needs, and help transform your yard into the relaxing atmosphere that you’ve always dreamed of. 

No matter what dimensions your yard is, we can create an amazing inground freeform pool for you.

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Custom designed inground pools for your yard to create your vision of paradise.

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The perfect addition to your pool, spa or hot tub to complete your paradise.

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