How to Prepare Your Pool for Winter

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When the temperatures drop, and fall is ending, people begin to go through their rituals of preparing for the winter.

One thing that should not be forgotten about in your preparation is your pool. Even though you aren’t going to be swimming in it, you will still want it to be in working order come next spring.

To help, these are the steps to follow to prepare your pool for winter.

Balance the Pool Water

One of the tricks to winterizing your pool is to find the right pH balance for the pool water. With the correct pH, your water will stay clean, and your pool equipment will last longer.

Once you balance it (probably somewhere between a 7.2 pH level and a 7.6 pH level), the water will remain sanitary during winter. Texoma Swimming Pools>

Clean Your Pool

Cleaning your pool is an important part of winter preparation. Any leftover stains or debris are much more difficult to remove after winter, so it’s best to take care of it before winter even arrives.

Remove the Drain Plug

Removing the plugs from your pumps, your pool heater, the chlorinators, and the pool filter is a vital step in this process. Check all the equipment all around the pool and make sure it’s all unplugged. If something has a directional valve on it, open it.

Clean the Pool Filter

Be sure the clean the filter properly, so it will function correctly when you start it back up in the spring. If you need to replace your filter, stop by a pool company near you and see if they have any replacements.

Add Your Winter Pool Chemicals

If you don’t have one already, it’s a good idea to purchase some algaecide, non-chlorine shock, and some stain and scale. These chemicals are important to add to your pool before the winter months.

Apply them in their recommended amounts across the surface of the pool. If you want to distribute them further, then try using the pool brush to do so.

For pool owners who use a mesh pool cover, it is a good idea to add a pool enzyme into your pool so algae does not form while the pool is not in use. One month before you start using your pool again, check the chemistry of the pool, and incorporate more algaecide as necessary.

Here are additional reads in regard to pool preparation & chemicals:

Do Not Drain the Pool for Winter

While you can lower the pool water, don’t empty it entirely. This could lead to structural damage during the winter. In the event your pool does become damaged, consider pool repair or pool replacement.

Cover a Pool for Winter

To keep debris, such as leaves and twigs, out of your pool during the winter, be sure to use a pool cover.

Turn Off the Pool Pump in Winter

Always make sure the pump is off. If not, shut the circuit breaker off to cut the power.

After following those steps, your pool is ready for the cold weather. Contact a pool dealer near you to see if winterizing your pool is required where you live.

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