How Long Do Pool Liners Last?

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A pool liner often has to be replaced before its lifespan is over. As a pool owner, you should expect to have to replace the pool liner, but you can extend its life by taking care of it.

Many pool liners have a warranty of 20 to 30 years. However, we’ve found that time frame to be misleading as many liners only last 6 to 12 years, depending on how you take care of it and whether it’s an inground or above ground liner. Inground liners tend to last longer.

Here are five recommendations to keep your liner at its best longer to avoid replacing it as often:

Topics covered in this article about Pool Liners:

  • Correct Installation
  • Use Chemicals Wisely
  • Pool Covers Are Essential
  • Avoid Punctures
  • Maintain Water Levels in Your Pool
  • Pay Attention to the Pool

Correct Installation

Proper installation of the pool liner impacts the life of the liner. You want to make sure that there are no wrinkles in the liner. Although it is possible to replace a liner on your own, using a professional pool contractor and installer will ensure that it’s done right with the correct tools.  

Use Chemicals Wisely

An acidic pool can degrade your liner faster than one that is balanced. Monitor and maintain the right chemical balance not only for your comfort, but to take care of the liner.

When shocking the pool, dilute the chlorine before adding it to the pool, because high chlorine levels can also damage the liner.

Work with only one chemical at a time when you’re adding something to the pool. Don’t allow the chemicals to mix improperly or concentrate in one area in the pool.

Pool Covers Are Essential

A pool cover protects the pool liner from sun exposure, which fades the liner and causes it to become brittle. The pool cover also keeps debris out of the pool that could puncture the liner. It’s just a good idea to do everything you can to keep your pool clean.

Don’t forget to winterize it during a cold season when you aren’t in the pool.

Avoid Punctures

Although it can feel as if thick liners are difficult to puncture, stones and sticks do pose a risk to your pool. Pets that have untrimmed nails can also puncture the liner, although it is rare. Be aware of items that could get in your pool and damage the liner.

Maintain Water Levels in Your Pool

When the water level in the pool drops too low, the liner might shrink. This can lead to tears in the liner. You should also monitor the water level in the pool. If it does drop, you might have a small hole or leak which can be patched instead of replacing the whole liner.  

Pay Attention to the Pool

By being aware of problems that can occur with the pool liner, you can maintain it better to keep it lasting longer. If you do have a problem, ask us about trouble shooting the issue before you simply decide that it needs to be replaced. You may have options that can save you money and time and let you enjoy your pool all summer long without interruption.

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