Choosing the Right Pool for Your Backyard

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A swimming pool is a great addition to any home, but it’s usually not a recoupable cost if you sell. There are a lot of things to think about before installing a pool in your backyard. You need to think about landscaping, the purpose of the pool and your budget.

 Why Do You Want a Pool?

Swimming pool choices
Swimming pool choices


Some pools are simply architectural features designed to enhance the look of the yard. Others are specifically made for families to enjoy the outdoors. Having a sense of purpose will help you narrow your choice and focus on what’s important to you. If your pool is to enhance the look of your home, you may want to budget more in installation to have specialty pool finishes that match your style.

An above-ground pool usually can be installed quicker than an in-ground pool, but an in-ground pool has more design options. You can find above ground pools that are just as big as in-ground pools, so don’t let size be a consideration.

What Are the Conditions of Your Yard?

It’s much easier to install a pool, whether above or in-ground, when the land is level. You should look at the condition of the place where you plan to put the pool. Is it accessible to the installers? Can equipment get to the yard easily? Does your lot slope or have rocky soil? While you can probably work around any condition, it could add to the expense of building a pool.

Check Zoning Laws

Some communities have regulations on pool installations, while others just require building permits. Before you get too far in the planning process, you’ll want to check with your HOA and community to see if there are any restrictions or requirements that will need to be considered.

Budget Considerations

 Although you need to have a budget for pool installation, you should also consider long-term costs. You may need to add a homeowner’s insurance rider to cover potential injuries. Check local safety codes. Your pool may need to be fenced in and locked when you’re not using it. Think higher electric bills and chemical maintenance.  Don’t forget to think about accessories when you’re planning your budget. The deck, heaters, covers and landscaping are generally not included in basic pool installation.

Above ground pools are generally less expensive to maintain than in-ground pools, but in-ground pools tend to last longer. But this largely depends on the type of pool. A fiberglass in-ground pool will last much longer than a vinyl lined pool.

What Are Your Long-Term Plans?

If you expect to move in a few years, you should take that into account before installing an in-ground pool. Some home buyers don’t want a pool. Some above ground pools can be reassembled in a new home, which would give you more options when you’re buying a new place.

What Type of Pool Should You Install?

Talk to the professionals with Texoma Pool & Spa about your design, desires and needs when you’re considering a pool. The right pool for your family depends on many factors. We’d like to have the opportunity to help you turn your yard into a paradise. Need more information about Choosing the Right Pool for Your Backyard? Call us Phone: 903-891-3483

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