Six Reasons to Swim for Exercise

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Running, weightlifting, over and over again eventually becomes boring. Even for people who enjoy exercising, after a while you being to feel like you’re in a rut. It’s hard to stay motivated to burn calories when it’s no longer interesting. You need a routine shake-up.

That’s why you should start swimming for exercise.   It works out your whole body and burns calories as good as any other form of exercise. You’ll make your core stronger. You’ll lose weight. You can go swimming year-round. The following are six reasons to add swimming to your exercise routine:  

Let’s take a look.

6. Swimming Works Out Your Whole Body

Swimming is more than just a cardio workout, it’s a total-body workout. While you’re swimming, you’re working out your arm muscles and core, too. Even in as little as four strokes, you’ll work out muscles all over your body, from your back to your legs. No need to plan which muscles you want to focus on. Once you’re out of the pool, they’ll all be worked out.    

5. Going for a Swim is Easy on Your Joints

Age or a joint injury throw off your workout schedule. If you want to minimalize the amount of time you’re out of commission, you can always take up swimming. It’s is easy on your joints. Even if you just need a workout for your recovery days, this will give your joints a break, while still maintaining your routine.    

4. No Need for Exercise Equipment

Do you have a swimsuit? Maybe goggles? Then you’re ready to go. You’ll need a pool available, but many rec centers have pools in them. Furthermore, it’s not too difficult to find public pools. Maybe you already have a pool installed. In any case, you don’t need fancy equipment to pick up swimming.    

3. You’ll Burn a Lot of Calories

If you can swim for an hour, then you can burn as many as 500 calories. Keep up the moderate pace for two hours, and that’s 1000 calories burned. Furthermore, it boosts your metabolism, so you’ll keep burning calories even after you’re done.    

2. It Improves Your Performance in Other Exercises

Swimming will get you into better shape for many other kinds of exercises. Lifting weights? Swimming works out muscles all over your body. Running on the treadmill or preparing for a marathon? Swimming is an incredible cardio workout, giving you better stamina.    

1. The Pool is Fun and Refreshing

There’s nothing quite like jumping into the clear, crystal pool water. On hot days, it leaves you feeling refreshed. And let’s face it. Swimming is just pure and simple fun.   If you don’t own a pool, but are interested in using one for your exercise, contact a Texoma pool dealer near you.      

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