Pool Accessories To Enhance Your Backyard Oasis

Enhance your backyard oasis with these pool and spa accessories to make your place of relaxation the perfect get away.
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Your backyard pool is already an  Eco friendly oasis  in your Sherman, TX home, but if you’re looking for ideas to really amp up the atmosphere, we’ve got a list for you.

Consider these accessories that will create a welcoming outdoor space:


 Whether you have an in-ground or above ground pool , you probably want to do a lot of entertaining.

There’s a lot of great activities you can do around your pool that don’t always involve swimming, but it is great to just be able to jump in and cool off as a part of relaxing event.

We want to help you make your guests as comfortable as they can be both inside and outside of the water.

Here are some great ideas to make sure that your guests have great options for relaxing out of the water.

Consider some of these options for making your guests comfortable: 

  • Hammock – Think about a hammock right in the pool or using hammock chairs on your deck that add a tropical vibe. You can find tons of different colors and styles to match your personality.
  • Pouf seats – beanbag chairs with a grownup twist. Make sure to get mildew-resistant fill and outdoor fabric that will stand up to the elements.
  • Cinder block benches – if you’re on a budget, add a bench or two using cinder blocks and lumber. Seal the wood to protect it. You can make a couple of pillows to make it more comfortable.
  • Dining Set – you’ll want to have the table space and extra chairs when you’re hosting a dinner party.
  • Chaise loungers – if you’re in the planning stages of an inground pool, consider installing an in-pool chaise lounger where you relax without getting soaked. Add chaise loungers around the pool to let your guests rest after a dip in the pool.
  • Lots of side tables – you’ll want places where your guests can set drinks, their phone and jewelry while they’re in the pool. Ice bin side tables offer a bin in the center that can be filled with ice and a ledge around the bin to set drinks. Floating tables let guests have a glass in the pool.


 OK – We’ve got the seating situation set up, now let’s think about some other fun additions that can make your pool area welcoming and help you, your family and your guests enjoy the environment around and in your pool! 

Here are a few things that will add pizzazz to your outdoor pool party: 

  • Floating speaker – many pool speakers connect to your phone through Bluetooth, giving you the option of just about any kind of music you want. Some will even connect to the lights, which will blink according to the beat of the music.
  • String lights – add magic to your backyard without spending a lot of money. With so many styles of string lights to choose from, you can increase the ambiance around your pool and change it up whenever you want.
  • Solar shower – if you can’t build a shower room, hook up a solar-powered shower to your garden hose. It’s easy to install and take down when not in use. Guests will appreciate being able to rinse chlorine off with warmer water.
  • Floating pool lights – if you have an above-ground pool, create the feel of an inground pool with floating lotus flowers or jellyfish lights. Get solar-powered lights for convenience.
  • Bird feeders – increase the chance of birds stopping by hanging up bird feeders. Place them far enough away from the pool so bird droppings don’t get on your guests, but close enough to allow guests to view the show. Bonus, birds eat annoying insects.


Still in the planning stages of pool installation?  Contact our team  here at Texoma Country Pools and Spas in Sherman, TX. 

We’ll help you no matter what part of the process your at.

We love helping folks with their  pool installations  (See what our customers have to say). 

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