Get Your Pool Ready for the Summer Season

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Enjoying the summer poolThe days are getting warmer here in north Texas. It’s time to get the pool ready for the season. Even if you have a company that opens your pool, you should be aware of what goes into getting the pool ready for summer.

Starting early gives you plenty of time to adjust the chemicals so that the water is perfect when the weather is right. Here are some tips that can help you keep your pool in great shape all year long:

Subjects covered in this article about Get Your Pool Ready for the Summer Season include:

Check Your Chemicals and Equipment

Pool chemicals don’t last forever. Check the expiration date and properly get rid of any expired chemicals. Gather up all your equipment and make sure you have all the pieces. Check to see if any parts need to be replaced. You want to have everything ready when you do take the pool cover off. Buy supplies at Texoma Country Pools & Spas.

Clean and Remove the Pool Cover

Although you will be cleaning the pool, you don’t want all the debris on the cover of the pool to get into the water. If there’s water on the cover, drain it as much as possible or use a small pump to get it off the cover. Once you’re ready to remove the pool cover, lay it out to dry and clean it up to store it for the summer.

Reconnect Equipment

Begin to refill the pool back to its normal level. If you disconnected the pool over the winter, fearing freezing temperatures, you’ll need to remove the winterizing plugs and reconnect everything before turning anything on.

Turn Equipment On

Prime the pool pump and turn it on. When all the equipment is up and running, make sure there are no leaks. Make repairs. The pump should run non-stop (24 hours a day) until the pool is clean and filtering correctly. You can vacuum the pool and clean up the debris, but make sure to keep the water level full by filling the pool with a garden hose.

Inspect Pool Barriers

Take some time to inspect the fence and gates around the pool. Think like a child, not an adult. Are there places that could be climbed up to let a child get in the pool? Have trees or bushes grown in places that could give someone a foothold? Are the locks sufficient and in good condition? Do the gates work correctly? Making sure your pool area is safe and protected can prevent problems that no one wants to consider.

Correct the Chemicals

Once the pool is clean, take a sample of the water. The filters should be running when you take this sample. Go about a foot below the water level. Correct the chemical levels to get a clear blue pool. Keep the pool running until the chemicals are corrected. Once the water is correct, you can use a timer to circulate the water just 6 to 12 hours per day.

Texoma Country Pools & Spas provides pool opening services, pool cleaning and leak inspections to help you keep your pool at peak performance. Schedule your pool opening now.

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