Recipe For a Perfect Pool

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Table of Contents

Perfect Pool Recipe

Understanding how each of these requirements works together to sustain a safe clear pool that everyone can enjoy.

Water Turnover:

Water turnover is the number of gallons that flow through the pump and filter. The pool equipment should be size to turn the water over three times a day. Water should be turned over at least twice in a 24 hour period, and three times in warmer months.

Proper Filtration:

Baskets remove large debris, filters remove small debris. Properly maintained filters and baskets will keep the pool clearer. The smaller the particle that can be removed from the water the clearer it will be.

Regular Cleaning:

Brushing pool walls, emptying baskets, vacuuming will extend the life of the pump, filter, and stir small particles so they can be filtered and removed from the water.

Balanced Water:

Chlorine Alkalinity, Stabilizer, pH work together to sanitize the water and make the water safe. Balanced water also helps get the most out of the equipment and plaster.

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