Swimming Pool Start Up and Pool Opening Check List

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Table of Contents

Each spring when it is time for swimming pool start-up and pool opening we have customers tell us that their swimming pool was difficult to maintain its pool chemistry the prior year.

Many times this can be attributed to their swimming pool start-up and pool opening routine which will set the tone for the upcoming swimming pool season and the work involved with caring for their pool.

Also, it is important to remember that our trained staff is only a phone call away to ask questions, and always here so you do not have to go at the swimming pool start-up and opening alone.

We have accumulated a list of basic steps that are a proven method for a smooth swimming pool start-up to kick off your pool season.

Following these simple and easy steps will ensure a carefree swimming pool season and pool opening.

Preparing the Equipment

  • Remove any water and debris that have accumulated on your pool cover during the winter.
  • Take off the pool cover. Before storing, clean and make sure the cover is dry.
  • Manually clean the filter if you have a DE or Cartridge filtration system.
  • Make sure your skimmer, filter, pumps, drains and other equipment are clean and free of winter debris.
  • Use a leaf skimmer to scoop up all surface and submerged debris.
  • Bring the pool water up to the proper level (about halfway up the skimmer).
  • Turn on your filter pump.
  • Check the skimmers, drains, and filters to make sure they’re functioning properly.
  • Backwash if you have a sand filtration system.
  • Vacuum any remaining debris.
  • If your filtration system operates off an automatic timer, set the timer to operate at least 8 to 10 hours during a 24-hour period during summer (12-hours is better).
  • Allow the water to circulate for at least 4 to 6 hours before preparing the pool water.

Preparing the Pool Water

After the pump/filter has run for 4 – 6 hours, bring a pool water sample to Texoma Country Pools and Spas for a full analysis.

We will test for and advise you on how to adjust all the perimeters required to balance the water chemistry of your pool.

Our analysis is more comprehensive than your typical test kit or test strips.

Proper water balance makes the water comfortable to swim in but also protects the swimmers and equipment. Improper water chemistry will severely shorten the life of equipment the water comes in contact with.

Balance the water as recommended avoiding problems in the future.

Following these simple steps will help ensure a trouble-free swimming pool start-up and pool opening for your pool season.

To learn more about maintaining your swimming pool water see our article on Basic Pool Water Chemistry by clicking here.

Checklist of items you will probably need for your pool start-up

Salt Water Pools

  • Shock
  • Salt
  • Stabilizer
  • Muriatic acid
  • Stain and Scale inhibitor

Chlorine Swimming Pools

  • Chlorine Tablets
  • Pool Shock
  • Stabilizer (if needed)
  • Muriatic Acid

Permasalt Pools

  • New Copper Cell
  • Bucket of Preperate
  • Case of Activate
  • Case of Klairate
  • Muriatic acid

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