Swimming Pool Features to Consider in Your Backyard Spa

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Your swimming pool already enhances your property, but water features can take it over the top. There’s probably nothing better than the sound of falling water, but with lights and other features, you can transform your backyard. If you want to upgrade the style and look of your pool or hot tub, consider one of these wonderful water features that will add interest and elegance to your landscape.

Here are some great ideas to help make your pool area an amazing getaway.

  • Fire Bowls – these features come alive at night with fire to add drama and ambiance to your swim. Create a unique look with the bowl itself that will add beauty to your backyard even when the fire isn’t in use.
  • Bubblers – These free-form fountains splash up under the water and add unpredictability during a swim. Place them next to the steps or by the tanning ledge to stay cool and enjoy the sound of gurgling water, which can also help drown out local noise pollution.
  • Beach-entry pool – With this entry, no steps, ladders or stairs are necessary to enter the pool. The deck slopes into the water, much like the beach.
  • Custom lighting – LED lights, landscape lighting and colored pool lights can change the environment of your pool. New technologies allow your lights to dance to music or light up the surface of the pool. Add the finishing touches to your nightscape with custom lighting ideas.
  • Waterfalls and grottos – kids love a hidden swimming grotto that is created by a waterfall, but any type of waterfall around your pool will add dimension and style. You can create waterfalls in just about any size with stone and other materials. The sound of a waterfall can also drown out noise pollution, making it more comfortable in your backyard.
  • Tanning ledge – add a flat ledge to your pool that lets you sunbathe partially submerged in the pool, enjoying the water while still getting a good amount of sun. It’s a blend of functionality and style.
  • Sheer descents – this water feature allows water to pour into the pool or spa much like a waterfall, but the water can be formatted to come down in a glass-like sheet or in little raindrops. The effect can make your pool stand out.
  • Deck jets – with these water features, you have graceful streams of water that arch or spray into the landscape. Laminar deck jets include LED lighting to add pizzazz to your waterfall for a nighttime water show.
  • Swim-up bar – Get your cocktail and food served in the pool on a cocktail table with built-in bar stools. Stay cool while you have a bite to eat or get a drink.

Upgrade Your Pool to Make It Your Tropical Getaway

Your pool should be everything you’ve ever dreamed it would be. By updating the features of your landscape, you can have the backyard getaway you’ve always wanted. Whether you’re looking for a romantic oasis or family playground, talk to our team about transforming your Sherman, TX pool environment from fun to fantastic.

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