Can Your Swimming Pool Be Eco-Friendly?

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A green swimming pool isn’t one that has algae, but one that is environmentally conscious. While the debate over whether a pool is really eco-friendly will not be determined here, there are ways to be greener when you have a pool. You’ll need to minimize your water usage, utilities and chemicals.
Here are 8 ideas to be more conscious about your carbon footprint with your pool:

Solar Heater

The Department of Energy regards solar pool heating as the most cost-effective use of solar energy. Sherman, TX has a very adequate solar resource to power the equipment. A solar pool heater has very low annual operating costs, saving you money and reducing your impact and reliance on gas or electric utilities. You can even combine a solar pool heater with your conventional system to minimize energy use.

Choose Equipment that Has Good Energy Ratings

Your lighting and other pool equipment should have ENERGY STAR certification to save you money. Check with your local utility company for incentives and rebates for installing these products.

Use Your Pool Cover

Pool evaporation is reduced when you use a pool cover. Keeping the water in your pool reduces the amount of water you have to add to the pool. A pool cover can also reduce the amount of heating you have to do.

Install a Variable Speed Pool Pump

A pool pump can be an energy hog. Variable speed pumps allow you to control the speed of the pump, making it more efficient than a single- or dual-speed pump. Not only can it save you money on your utilities, but it also increases the efficiency of your pool pump. Check out the Department of Energy’s website to see if you qualify for rebates by installing a variable pool pump.

Install Eco-friendly Landscaping

Use trees and shrubs that are low-maintenance and drought-resistant to form windbreaks around the pool to reduce evaporation. Consider the plants around your pool as part of your eco-conscious system.

Reduce the Need for Chlorine

There are many options to reduce your reliance on chlorine. You can use plants to sanitize the water or have a salt water system that reduces the need for chlorine. Alternatively, you can simply keep your pool clean and reduce the need to add chemicals to balance the water.

Watch for Leaks

A small leak in a bathroom faucet can cause 1 gallon or more of water loss each day. A small leak in a swimming pool can compound that figure to 10 or more gallons a day of water loss. Not only that, leaks can undermine the structure of your pool and force you to make major repairs.

Automate Your Pool

Use programmable thermostats and other automated pool equipment to save money and energy by only running equipment when someone is using the pool. It’s easy to set up and energy-efficient.

Take Care of Your Swimming Pool

Enjoy your swimming pool in Sherman, TX by taking care of it to give you a backyard escape. We’re here to help you find solutions for all of your pool and hot tub concerns.
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