Taking Care of Your New Swimming Pool

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Your swimming pool in Sherman, TX will provide even more enjoyment when it’s properly maintained and kept clean. Texoma Country Pools and Spas does provide regular cleaning and maintenance, as a pool owner, you should be aware of the upkeep to work with us to maintain your swimming pool.
This article will cover the following:
What Pool Equipment You’ll Need


Three Key Elements of Pool Maintenance

Although there are many factors that affect the water, these are the three main elements that you will need to know in keeping your water clean:
  • Proper circulation keeps your pool water clean and clear by sending it through the filter to remove debris. Our technicians can help you identify the ideal amount of time your pump should run, but as a general rule, we recommend running the pump for 1 hour for every 10 degrees in temperature.
  • Testing the pool water to maintain chemical balance. You can use test strips two to three times per week to make sure your pool is properly maintained.
  • The filtration system needs to be kept in peak performance to maintain clear pool water. We can help you find the schedule to replace the filter and clean your pool to keep the water clean and clear.

What Pool Equipment Will You Need?

Even if you have a pool cleaning company in Sherman, TX, you should still have the equipment to care for your pool. Here are some of the most basic tools that you will want:
  • Skimmer – you’ll need this to keep debris out of the pool and help your filter work efficiently.
  • Vacuum – this tool picks up where the skimmer leaves off. If you can’t fish out the debris, you can vacuum it.
  • Pool brush – you’ll want this tool to get rid of dirt and stains at the bottom and on the sides of the pool.
  • Water testing kit – you’ll know exactly what’s in the water when you test it.
  • Chemicals – don’t wait for your pool cleaning service to balance your water.
    1. Algaecide – you might be surprised at how fast algae can grow. An algaecide will help combat algae.
    2. Sodium carbonate – acidic water can cause eye and skin irritations. Sodium carbonate will balance acidic water, or water that has a pH of 7 or less.
    3. Chlorine tablets – keep a stash on hand to keep your pool clean and sanitized.
    4. Chlorine stabilizer – this chemical prevents the sun from burning off the chlorine and allowing you to control your water quality.
    5. Pool shock – essential when you’re opening your pool, but if you haven’t swum in a long time or have a large group using your pool, you may want to keep pool shock on hand to cleanse the water.
Eventually, you may want to include caulk and pumice in your toolkit to maintain your pool, but you can get those when needed to patch up the caulk and remove mineral deposits. Ask Texoma Country Pools & Spas about our cleaning and maintenance services that let you relax and enjoy your pool.

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