Hot Tub Maintenance

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The sun sets, and the summer breeze turns slightly cool. Now’s the perfect time for a dip in the hot tub. If you own a hot tub, then you probably get a lot of enjoyment out of using it and want it to last you for a long time. To keep it at peak performance, you’ll need to perform some regular maintenance on it. To help you out we compiled a list of the tasks you’ll need to perform:

Daily Hot Tub Maintenance

Your hot tub water requires daily maintenance to remain good quality. The first thing you’ll want to check is the pH level. After that, check to see if there is enough chlorine in the water. These are simple tests to perform, as they only require a test strip. This doesn’t take too long to do, so if you keep on top of it, your daily hot tub.

If the levels of either of these are out of balance, you’ll need to use the appropriate chemicals to return these to their correct levels. Not doing so risks everything from foul smelling water, to mineral buildup, to skin irritation. However, you can find whatever you need to rebalance the levels at your local pool supplier, so re-balancing should be quick and straightforward.

Weekly Hot Tub Maintenance

Shock the hot tub water every week using chlorine. This way, your water stays clean and clear. If you don’t already use chlorine, you’re going to need to start using it or bromine.

Depending on how much you use your hot tub and the water in your area, you might need to take some other steps. People who use their hot tub often sometimes experience foaming. Fortunately, all you need to fix this is some foam reducer applied once weekly. Also, if your water is mineral-rich, then use a descaler to avoid mineral buildup.

Other Spa Maintenance

While there’s no particular schedule for these maintenance procedures, you’ll still need to perform these several times throughout the year. This way you can increase your spa’s longevity, so you can get enjoyment out of it for years to come.

As we mentioned earlier, depending on the water in your area, you might need to use a descaling agent every week. Your region might not require you to perform this regularly but be sure to still treat your spa with descaler every now and again. Several times a year should do the trick.

The next thing is cleaning the hot tub filter. Sometimes the filter can be cleaned using your dishwasher’s cold cycle. Lastly, drain the spa and then refill it. This will ensure your water is of good quality. As you can see, hot tub maintenance is a fairly simple process. Enjoy!

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