What To Do When You See Bugs In Your Pool

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If you have a backyard pool in Sherman, TX, you may have had times when you’ve noticed bugs in your pool. Insects love moisture, lights and vegetation, so it’s no surprise if you’ve noticed that they’ve been gravitating towards your amazing in-ground pool or actually made their way into your above ground pool. Although you can’t prevent all bugs and pests from getting into your pool, you can minimize the attractiveness the area around your pool to deter bugs from getting closer to your pool.

tips to keep bugs out of your pool:

Pool Maintenance

If you’re having a problem with bugs in the pool, shock chlorination will kill the organic material that bugs will feed on. Balance the pool’s pH from 7.2 to 7.6, then shock the pool to get it to a chlorination level of 1.0 to 3.0 PPM. After the chlorination is at the right level, you may want to consider an algaecide.
Skim the pool daily to remove organic material such as dead algae, leaves, bugs and grass. Clean the walls and floor of the pool, then vacuum the pool to keep it clean. The cleaner your pool, less likely bugs will take up space. Leaves and grass offer shelter and food to pests.

Plant Vegetation Away From the Pool

Many pests don’t care so much about the water in your pool but more than that, they care about the plants in the yard. Keep several feet around your above ground pool clear of plant life. Trim overhanging trees, if you can. If you must have plants around your pool, look for plants that repel insects, such as bay leaves, lavender mint, rosemary and marigolds. Personally, we think that fresh mint is an amazing accent around your pool.  The smell of fresh mint is great and it also serves as a natural bug deterrent.

Check Your Pool Lighting

The lighting of your pool will attract bugs and other pests, because it will warm them up and provide energy. Position lights 30 feet or more from the pool. Use the fewest lights you need to at the lowest wattage to provide enough light to swim without attracting pests. We also recommend in pool lighting as an alternative as well.

Take Care of Your Landscaping Around Your Pool

Keep the grass mowed to reduce bugs that love to hang out in tall weeds. If you have a fruit tree, pick up the fruit that falls on the ground and remove it from your yard. Make sure you don’t have any standing water in your ward besides the pool. Many bugs, especially mosquitoes, look for stagnant water to lay eggs.
When you’re in the pool, cover drinks like soda and juice, which attract insects. Keep food covered, too. If you do have food on the table for a picnic, use a fan to create a breeze over the dining table to keep flies from hanging around. Put trash cans outside of the pool area to reduce bugs around the pool. Having a nightly clean-up routine can go a long way in keeping a clean and clear area around your pool. This is a major plus in keeping bugs out of your pool.
A pest control company won’t be able to treat your pool, but they can treat your backyard for mosquitoes, wasps and ants. You may want to consult with a pest technician about insects in your yard to get ideas on reducing the population.
Keep in mind that you are sharing the pest’s habitat. It’s not fun to have pests hanging around your pool or spa, but it’s completely natural.
Texoma Country Pools and Spas in Sherman, TX for pool maintenance tips and help, pool repairs and installation. Contact us today to get help turning your backyard into a paradise.
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