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Everything you ever wanted to know about inground swimming pools

updated 10/12/18

Nearby Inground Pool Sales

If you’ve been considering getting an inground swimming pool for your home or searching online for nearby pool sales; then you have probably reached this article as a result of looking for inground swimming pool suppliers or people who have pools for sale nearby. We are conveniently located in Sherman, Tx!

Are In-Ground Swimming Pools a Good Investment?

An inground concrete swimming pool is considered to be the best type of swimming pool that money can buy.

It is robust and retains its value over time.

If you are considering buying an inground swimming pool, you will probably want to know what the entirety of the cost will be, along with the key differences between other types of swimming pools for sale.

A professionally installed inground swimming can provide endless enjoyment along with being a sound investment that can help to add both appeal and value to your property.

Inground swimming pools can seamlessly integrate into the natural landscape of your home and provide an overwhelmingly luxurious feel and function to any home.

How Much Does an Inground Pool for Sale Cost?

According to Home Advisor, the national average cost for an inground pool sale is $49,500.

On the lower end of the scale, you can find a small inground pool for sale for around $23,000, and on the higher end of the scale, you can expect to pay up to $100,000.

The typical costs for the inground pool sales mentioned above do include installation costs as well. The total cost is also highly dependent upon your choice of material, along with the location of the pool, and of course, the size of the pool as well.

At Texoma Pools and Spas, we specialize in providing and installing gunite inground pools. We have years of experience and an impeccable reputation that we have worked hard to maintain over the years.

We have thousands of satisfied clients who have already used our inground swimming pool sales and service team in the past.

We promise to deliver the best inground pool sales to our clients and use the very finest materials and techniques throughout the entire process.

The Different Types of Inground Swimming Pools

With so many variations available, there are lots of options when it comes to finding the perfect pool for your home. One of the most significant differentiators is the type of materials that are used.

If you want a custom inground swimming pool for your home, first of all, you need to understand the differences betweeen the three major types:

  • A concrete inground swimming pool
  • A fiberglass inground swimming pool
  • A vinyl inground swimming pool

What Type of Inground Pool is Best?

Concrete (Gunite) Inground Swimming Pools

As Gunite inground pool specialists, Texoma Pools and Spa decided it was best to focus on the most robust and long-lasting type of inground pool. They are also the most popular type of in-ground swimming pool.

Concrete inground pools are often referred to as Shotcrete or Gunite pools. The reason for this is because of the way they are made.

Wet concrete is pumped through a hose and comes shooting out the end onto walls that have been reinforced with steel. When the concrete has cured, it is then plastered over, smoothed and painted/decorated.

One of the reasons that concrete inground pools are so popular is due to the fact they can be customized to form any shape or size of inground pools.

The typical installation time for a concrete in-ground swimming pool is anything from 3-12 weeks (depending on features & landscape modifications).

While this is a little longer than most of the other types of inground swimming pools, it is certainly worth the wait. Concrete inground pools are the most durable and long-lasting type of pool. Unlike other varieties of inground pools, they can be rebuilt, expanded, refinished, and updated at any point in the future.

Tip: The trick with a Gunite pool is to maximize the surface area using the minimum amount of perimeter feet. Shape absolutely matters! After all, nobody wants a horseshoe-shaped pool!

We can help you maximize your pool while keeping costs a primary consideration!

Vinyl Inground Swimming Pools

A vinyl in-ground swimming pool is the second most popular type of inground pool installation. The individual pools are made from a piece of a flexible liner which is placed into an excavated hole. Once in place, it is then firmly attached to either an aluminum or steel-framed wall.

One of the reasons a concrete inground swimming pool is considered to be better than a vinyl pool is the best flexibility that is offered in terms of the shapes and sizes.

With a vinyl pool, you only have a limited number of shapes and sizes to pick from. Many of the pre-formed shapes will be rectangular. However, there is an increasing number of freeform liners and l-shaped structures available.

Although they are not true freeform, they come in more shapes than a fiberglass pool. 

Another element that needs to be considered when choosing the best type of inground swimming pool needs to be future-proofing of the installation.

With a concrete inground swimming pool, it is possible to easily update or expand both the size and shape at a later point.

This is not the case with a vinyl inground swimming pool.

Inground vinyl pool kits are installed with curved and straight wall panels that are made from either coated steel or polymer thermoplastic material.

The floor is laid over multiple sheets of vermiculite.

Just as a concrete pool needs to have its surface refinishing, a vinyl pool will need to have the liner replaced. With a vinyl inground swimming pool, sharp toys, playful dogs or any other type of sharp object easily puncture the liner of the pool.

Even with a heavy-duty liner, there is always a risk of a puncture.

The cost of having to fix a future puncture will also need to be considered when accounting for the overall cost of an inground swimming pool.

Fibreglass Inground Swimming Pools

The third type of inground swimming pool material is fiberglass.

These types of Inground pools are molded at a factory into huge bowl-shaped shells which are then lifted and placed into an excavated hold by a crane. If you want a cheap inground pool that you can perform a DIY installation, then this is probably the type of inground swimming pool that you will be initially considering.

As you would imagine, the customization of a fiberglass inground swimming pool is very limited. You are limited with size, finish, color and shape and can only buy what the manufacturer is selling at the time.

Like the other two, they are cleaning pros & cons with a fiberglass pool the smooth gel-coat finish is typically nonporous. Like all pools, be sure you’ve got plenty of space in your backyard, but for this one, you’ll even need room for the crane to enter and maneuver.

The area must also be free of any overhead wires or power lines.

The main selling point of a fiberglass inground pool is the cheap cost.

However, if you are looking for an investment that will last and want an inground pool that will compliment your current landscape and home perfectly, then you always consider a Gunite in-ground pool as the best option for your setting. 

Inground Pool Sales Nearby Sherman Tx

If you want to buy an inground swimming pool in the Dallas region that will last, that will look good, and one which is custom-built for your garden and your home, the best type of inground pool is a Gunite swimming pool.

At Texoma Pools and Spas, we pride ourselves on providing a completely unique experience for our customers. Our service-driven approach ensures that you get the right inground swimming pool at the right price.

Our whole ethos centers on helping to transform your backyard into a paradise.

If you want to find out how much a concrete in-ground swimming pool costs or would like a personalized quotation for your home, then get in touch with a member of the Texoma Pools team today.

We are easy to deal with, we are friendly, we are honest, and we are experts in supplying and installing inground swimming pools nearby.

Ready to install an inground pool? Hire a professional today.

Check out our freeform pools in the Texas Area

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