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Our goal is to be the business you think about when you say; they are the best In-Ground Pool Builders Near Me. We won't be doing our due diligence if we don't give you a little history of what a freeform pool is.
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Our goal is to be the business you think about when you say; they are the best In-Ground Pool Builders Near Me. We won’t be doing our due diligence if we don’t give you a little history of what a freeform pool is.

Our gunite pools are concrete pools are freeform pools.

Was that confusing? Let me explain.

A freeform swimming pool is designed in a naturalistic or irregular style and shape, with curves or flowing lines. Contemporary freeform pools often have rock and water features and are designed to resemble a natural pond, lake or oasis.

Gunite is a style of concrete.

So yes, our gunite pools are concrete and can be formed into any shape, so they are freeform. Now that we are past that, let’s talk about the materials and history of free-form pools.

Materials Used In Free Form Pools

Freeform swimming pools are constructed of concrete or vinyl. Occasionally, other materials, like metal.

So the team excavates a hole where the pool goes, rebar is laid into place and concrete is gunited into the rebar and then shaped over the rebar skeleton.

For vinyl pools, the process is the same except there is no concrete and rebar framework. Vinyl can be freeform, but isn’t a true freeform pool like a concrete pool.

Concrete pool sizes and shapes are limitless, vinyl pools are not. Vinyl pools offer many more options than fiberglass, but nothing allows for maximum creativity like a gunite pool.

Searching In Ground Pool Builders Near Me? Let us be your in ground pool company.

History of Freeform Pools

First built in California in the 20th century. Records show one of the first freeform pools was built in 1920.

In 1930, freeform pools hit the market in Los Angeles and the first recorded sale of a gunite pool by Paddock Pools was for $1,700.

These pools were different from traditional concrete-poured pools of those times, they borrowed the spraying concrete method known as guniting from the building industry, and the rest is history.

Today swimming pools are still built via this method.

World War II came and slowed down what could have been a huge boom in freeform swimming pools.

Sure enough, post-war, gunite pools took off.

In fact, between 1948 and 1957 they say the number of pools went from roughly 2,500 to 57,000 and in 1956 alone it’s said that 33,000 swimming pools were built.

So the trend had begun. Freeform pools were off and the next luxury that homeowners would invest in to improve the value of their homes was a swimming pool.

Contemporary Freeform Pools

Freeform pools had a long way to go. Many shapes dominated the production lines and sales throughout the decades.

Where are we today with freeform pools? 

Contemporary pools really have no boundaries. Backyard pools feature faux boulders, rocks, water features and any number of additions that create a backyard oasis.

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Get Ideas for Your Freeform Swimming Pool

We want to be that inspiration that helps you build that pool of your dreams.

  • Freeform pools are the perfect tie-in to your nature-oriented or exotic poolscape.
  • Freeform swimming pools fit perfectly into any space, so they are not defined by straight lines or hard angles.

You might be thinking, “I want an escape in my backyard.” 

Our lagoon style or natural style pools incorporate rock features, water features, stone decking, and exotic additions that match your heart’s content.

What is freeform again?

Freeform pools are made from concrete and often designed in computer software, so there are no limitations. Freeform pools provide a natural design that is perfect for residential or commercial applications.

Additionally, they are perfect for.recreation, home enhancement and entertaining.

At Texoma, we design your freeform swimming pool to blend into the surrounding landscape. All measurements are customized to the specific site.

Enjoy time together with friends and family and let us help you build that backyard retreat.

We want you to say, “they are the best In-Ground Pool Builders Near Me”.

Let us be your in-ground pool company.

Does Your Above Ground Pool Need to Be Replaced or Repaired?

Above ground pools have a lifespan of 10 to 20 years, but you can’t always judge a pool by its age.

There are things that you can look at to tell if you should think about replacing your pool over just pouring money into repairs. You should count on replacing the liner at least once during the life of the pool, maybe twice, depending on the quality of the liner.

A thinner liner will only last between two to five years, while a thicker liner can last twice that.

Here are some tips to know when you should replace your above ground pool in Sherman, TX. You may need to contact a Pool builder!

The Pool Is Leaking

Leaky Pool
Leaky Pool

Anything vessel that holds water will eventually leak.

If your pool has some bad leaks, you first have to determine where the leak is and why it’s leaking. It could be a simple liner replacement.

If you find the leak and the pool wall is rusty, it might be time to consider replacing the pool rather than just making repairs.

Looking for a Pool Builders near you? Texoma

Your Pool Is Always Green

Green Pool
Green Pool

This is typically either a chemical problem or a filtering issue.

If you can’t seem to get a handle on why the water isn’t clear, consider a new filter. You may just have a defective filter or one that’s gone bad.

Check the age of the pump. Older pumps may have a hard time circulating the water and cleaning it. Y

ou may need to update equipment or get advice from pools experts in Sherman, TX.

Additional Reads:

Rusty Top Rails

The top rails do rust over time, but that doesn’t mean your pool is faulty.

The rails aren’t part of the system that keeps the water in the pool, so while it may look slightly, it’s not always time for a new pool installation.

You should replace the top rails if it’s dangerous to your swimmers.

Of course, replacement top rails may be difficult to find. Consider the age of your pool and the replacement cost before thinking about whether to update your pool or just the rails.

Faded or Sad Looking Pool

The sun is going to fade your pool. Without regular maintenance, your pool may start to appear old or saggy.

Before you replace the above ground pool, think about making cosmetic changes.

  • Add a deck and lattice to cover up the pool.
  • Paint the pool walls.
  • Replace parts.

But you should also take into account the age of the pool and whether you may need to install a new pool in Sherman, TX in the next couple of years.

My Pool Is Rusty

Rusty Rails
Rusty Rails

If your pool walls are rusty, try removing the rust and painting them with a rust inhibitor before replacing the pool.

It’s normal to get a few spots of rust where the liner is attached to the pool.

However, if the walls are so corroded that you can poke something through the wall, it’s time for a new pool.

Rust holes will compromise the pool’s integrity.



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