Privacy Features for Your Pool and Spa

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Table of Contents

In this article we will cover the following privacy features:

Many homeowners want more privacy in their backyard, even if they don’t have a pool. When you do have a swimming pool

If you’re in the planning stages of pool installation, you should really consider these privacy options that add style to your pool and make your backyard a discrete retreat. If your pool is already installed, these ideas are affordable renovations that can really bump up the privacy.

Privacy Fence

Most homeowners are required to install a pool safety fence, so consider privacy when choosing material and style. Using a solid material such as wood or vinyl can boost the privacy without making it feel as if you’re in a cage.

Privacy fences often have minimum and maximum height requirements, from 4 to 6 feet, which means that fencing alone may not create the haven you want.


Bushes, shrubs and trees act as natural privacy barriers. Choose flora that won’t attract bees and won’t drop a ton of leaves in your yard. Needle palms thrive in north Texas and create the look of the ocean in your backyard.

With proper care, tropical plants can do well in the Sherman, TX climate. Succulents are also common elements that add landscaping dimension around pools. Flora is an affordable privacy feature, but it may take one season before you notice the difference.

Water Features

Adding features such as a weeping wall pool or fountain add sound privacy. The constant flow of water is good at blocking sound from your yard, keeping backyard gossip contained.

An added bonus is that the water also drowns out sounds from your neighbor’s parties. These features may be more expensive to install, but they do bring a lot of visual appeal.

Privacy Screens, Umbrellas and Canopies

Pool screen enclosures can also shield you from prying eyes. You have a lot of options with these free-standing features. They’re affordable and adaptable solutions to many privacy issues. You can find simple options at the hardware store or have custom elements made for your yard.

Free-standing Options, Canopies, Umbrellas and Pool Houses

A canopy or umbrella can provide a lot of privacy placed right where you want it. Block out the sun or neighbors’ views quickly and easily. Gazebos and pergolas are beautiful elements that can really accent your deck or patio. The key difference is that a gazebo is round or octagonal while pergolas are square or rectangular.

Pergolas only have cross beams as the roof, which makes them base structures for ivy or vines, if you want a more natural look. Both structures can include seating for guests and offer shade during the hot afternoon. A pool house or patio can add even more entertaining space and privacy.

Discuss Privacy Concerns With Country Pools & Spas

Your pool contractor has a lot of information to solve your privacy concerns. When you’re ordering Texas pool supplies, talk to us about your issues to let us help you find solutions to let you enjoy your swimming pool to the fullest.

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