Protecting Your Pool During a Storm

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Protecting Your Pool During a Storm  

Sherman, TX residents don’t have to worry about hurricanes, but tornadoes and severe storms are always a threat. You may not always be able to prep before severe weather strikes, but you should at least be ready to take care of your pool when the area is facing a storm. Preventing unnecessary damage should be your goal.  

In this article we’ll cover the following steps:

Don’t Take Water Out of Your Pool  

When you take the water out of your pool, it leaves the pool walls and floor unprotected. Your swimming pool is more vulnerable to damage when it’s empty. Flying debris from strong winds can scratch or put holes in the material.  

Power Off Pool Equipment  

Don’t just turn off the pump, motor, and filter, but cut the power off at the circuit breaker. Make sure the heater, lighting fixtures, and chlorinator is off. You want to minimize electrical issues from water exposure. Cover pool equipment with a tarp or waterproof covering if it can’t be moved inside. Tie it down securely.  

Remove Objects from Your Yard  

Free-standing objects in your yard, like pool chairs and other equipment, can damage your pool, car, home or barn. Even if the wind just blows the objects away, it’s loss to your pocketbook. Pick up any items in your yard that could be blown around during a storm. Save money and prevent damage.  


Don’t Cover Your Pool  

The first instinct says to cover the pool during a severe storm, but it can actually work against you. First, your cover is vulnerable to debris and objects flying through the air during high winds. Leaving the cover off keeps your cover safe and prevents the difficult removal of the cover if it’s full of water or debris. It’s much more affordable to rebalance the chemicals after a storm than to replace the cover. Strong winds can lift the cover off your pool and may even make your pool lift up.  

Trim Your Trees  

Large, overgrown branches become projectiles during a storm. Keep branches trimmed back from your pool to protect the pool area during a storm.  

Stay safe during a storm. Your first priority should be your family, not your pool. Only take care of your pool if you have time before the storm. If you’re in the line of a fire, there may be other preparations to take, such as putting flammable objects, like your patio furniture, in the pool to keep it from adding fuel to a fire.  

After the Storm  

Once you have time to take care of your pool following the storm, remove the debris first. Check the water chemistry and balance the pH or shock the pool. Don’t let anyone use the pool until the water is clear. If the electrical equipment got wet, you may need to let it dry for 24 hours before running.

If you’re hesitant about the damage incurred, call us to inspect your system before turning it on.  If you need help recovering from a storm, we’re here to get your pool up and running again.  

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