Texoma Country Pools & Spas Construction Process

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Table of Contents

Texoma is committed to building high-quality pools. Each one of our pool creations has the ability to significantly increase the value of your home or business.

Over the years, we’ve developed a system that has earned us honors for customer service and craftsmanship. Let us design your pool so that getting away doesn’t require an airplane.

Pool Studio Design software

Checkout our gunite pool creations.

Pre-Construction Site Survey

Once we understand your vision, we will survey the property.

This is where our site supervisor performs a survey that reviews the design against your landscape.

In this process, we inspect your yard for potentially needed modifications to the design.

Once we’ve completed this pre-construction site survey, it’s time to get started on your in-ground pool! These following processes are what takes place in typical inground pool installations.

Layout and Dig

Phase one of construction, the pool shape is marked on the ground in your yard, the hole is dug, and excess dirt is removed. Note, the hole is slightly larger and deeper than the finished pool.

Inground Pool Layout And Dig


Our plumbing crew installs the pool pump, filter, and gas heater (if part of your pool design), digs trenches to lay all necessary pool piping, including any pipes for water features such as sprays, fountains, or rock falls.

Additional conduit is run here, used for the pool’s lighting system, installed lights, and fiber-optic lighting.

In accordance with your municipality, there will also be a series of inspections.

Inground Pool Plumbing

Steel and Inspection

After your pool has been dug, we will line the hole with reinforcing “steel rebar” to add the strength required for your pool’s gunite shell.

In this process, we install additionally needed grounds and comply with all local and state requirements for the installation.

At the end of the process, we notify your municipality that the job is ready for a “steel-and-ground inspection.” Once it is inspected and has passed the proper coding requirements, the gunite phase is next.

Inground Pool Steel


Our crews will pneumatically apply the concrete that makes up your pool’s shell and steps.

If your pool design includes any swim-outs, fountains, or a gunite spa, those elements are created in this process.

Inground Pool Gunite

Post-Gunite Cleanup

Occurring during the plumbing phase, our crews remove the forms used to shape the pool, and haul away the trash that is left from this process.

Tile and Coping

Our crew installs the pool waterline tile and coping around the perimeter of the pool.

Additional crews may install additional rock modifications and design elements. For instance, a rock waterfall that is inside the pool may be started in this phase.

Inground Pool Tile And Coping


Our electric crew runs conduit for the main electric supply used by your pool equipment. They will also install lighting and any wiring necessary for your pool. This step often occurs in parallel with other steps.

Deck Installation

A pool design may include any number of decking materials and it truly is unlimited. Likewise, each municipality has its own requirements for deck inspections, during this phase.

Our crew forms the shape of your deck and any planter areas, and runs drainages specified in your plans. 

Once any inspections have been passed, we will schedule the pouring of your deck’s concrete. 

Texoma Country Pools & Spas Construction Process Cont..

Safety Protection Inspection

Before the application of the interior finish and filling with water, the pool must have appropriate alarms and/or fences in place, in accordance with building codes set forth by the local municipality. We will inspect the pool area to ensure the barrier protection is up to code.

Interior Finish

We love creating masterpieces down to the last detail. Here we carefully prepare the concrete surface of your swimming pool, and apply the pools’ finish and then fill the pool with water. 


After the pool is full of water, our technicians will start up the pump & filter and apply necessary chemicals in the water to help achieve the best possible finish for your pool. We also install or setup additional features such as spray heads, fountains, or computer controls at this time.


During this phase, we remove trash created during the construction of your pool, and complete the final grade of your yard.

Pool Education

We are your pool education experts. 

Here we show you how to use the features of your pool and equipment, as well as inform you of our maintenance & services options, allowing you the opportunity to enjoy your new pool hands-free.

Final Inspection

In most communities, an inspector from your municipality will inspect your pool area to ensure it is safe to use and everything has been properly completed.

This was an overview of the Texoma Country Pools & Spas Construction Process. Contact Us for details and let us TURN YOUR BACKYARD INTO PARADISE.

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