Swimming Pool Opening Checklist

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Table of Contents

This is just a checklist. Remember we can help you in-store or over the phone to better understand how to get your pool back up from the winter!

Checklist to reopen your swimming pool

  1. Remove Water and Debris From Your Winter Pool Cover
  2. Remove Your Winter Pool Cover
  3. Clean Your Winter Pool Cover and Store Away
  4. Remove Winter Plug(s) and Skimmer Ice Compensator(s)
  5. Re-Install Your Deck Equipment
  6. Fill Your Pool Up
  7. Set Up Your Filter And Pump
  8. Start It Up!
  9. Clean It Up!
  10. Shock

Remove the debris. Once the water is off the cover, you can use a broom to sweep off any large piles of debris. DO NOT use anything sharp or harsh on your cover. Carefully remove the cover without getting any debris, that remains on the top of the cover, into the pool. Use water, soap, and a soft brush to wash your cover. Remove winter plugs. Walk around your pool and make sure all winter plugs are removed from any openings in your pool, including return jets and step jets.

Gather up your accessories and re-install them, including pool ladders, diving boards, & step rails. Your pool might have been drained during winterization or lost water over the winter. If the water level in your pool is below the midway point of the skimmer opening, fill it up. Replace the drain plugs and other parts, including your pressure gauge, on your filter and pump. Turn on the power to your pump and filter. Make sure the system starts up properly. Check for any leaks or drips.

If your pump isn’t pulling any water, you’ll need to help prime the pump. Shut off your filter system, remove the pump lid, and fill the housing with water. Remove any debris that’s in your water. If there’s a large amount of debris on the bottom of your pool, carefully scoop it up with the leaf net. Try to remove as much debris from the water as possible. Bring in a sample of your water to Texoma to get it professionally analyzed. You want to make sure the swimming pool pH and alkalinity are properly balanced before adding any other pool chemicals.

Once your pool water is balanced, add the proper amount of sanitizer to your water. Call us in store for more details and unique setups. These, of course, are just general guidelines and lots of details can be unique to your setup, storage, and winterization process. We love to help with your pool reopening process.

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