In Ground Swimming Pools

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Table of Contents

Have FAQ’s about in-ground swimming pools? This post is aimed to help you better answer questions that you may have in regard to swimming pools.

How do we get started?

Make an appointment with us.

Our designers can help your family better understand your pool options. There is a lot to understand when designing possibilities for your backyard. The location of utilities and easements, and your budget.

Once a budget is established, our designer will help you by creating your unique design that compliments the architecture of your home and the exterior surroundings.

It all revolves around defining your design ideas.

Then we can consider extras such as waterfalls, lighting, underwater additions, special water features, and retaining walls.

Once a draft is made make sure you actively work with our designer to pinpoint your perfect pool creation. Our goal in the design process is to meet or exceed your expectations.

Have questions about In-Ground Swimming Pools?

What Type Of Pools Do You Build?

We build custom, in-ground, gunite pools and spas.

You might wonder, what is gunite?

Gunite is cement and dry or damp sand mixed without the addition of water, and then fed into a pneumatic gun. It is applied by compressed air at a high velocity to a nozzle, where the necessary water is projected on to the surface.

Through this process, gunite cement is more dense, waterproof, and stronger than traditional cement making processes.

Gunite swimming pools come with great design flexibility

In fact, gunite pools have no real limitations, only best practices.

Check out our inground swimming pools.

Gunite pool shapes and sizes are limitless. Custom designed swimming pools have maximum flexibility, as they have an easier time getting around obstacles and landscape limitations.

How Long Will It Take To Build My Pool?

The length of build truly depends on location, landscape, add-ons, weather, & size and complexity.

We do not build for quantity, we are a quality builder.

So some builders’ timelines may be quicker. Speed is not our claim to fame, all though we are efficient at what we do; we will always focus on quality.

One of the variables is the cure time of gunite, which is critical to the structural strength of the pool. This set time gives the tiling and coping time to cure according to TCNA standards.

What is the average size of a pool?

It’s custom. Everyone is different. But things that determine size are space available and intended use. 

Limitations include easements, topography, budgets, etc.

How much does a pool cost?

Consider pool buying to be similar to buying a fashionable car or home.

Pool options are basic concrete pools to the most elaborate & modern design.

It really depends on you.

Are you building that pool for your dream home or in between home? 

A dream home pool can elicit the use of the most modern technology, exotic materials, and trends.. Whereas, if simplicity and efficiency are your desires, a concrete pool can meet those criteria as well.

Do you provide service for the pools you build?

Yes, all our pools are covered by extensive warranties and our service technicians are trained and certified to ensure that you will enjoy your pool for many years to come.

Additional services we offer are weekly maintenance service, which includes brushing, vacuuming, & cleaning your pool as needed, testing the water and treatment, cleaning the skimmer, pump baskets and filters.

How will I learn to use my equipment?

At the completion of your pool, our staff will visually walk you through a step-by-step process, explaining the operation and maintenance of your pool.

This is where we give you all the additional paperwork and helpful information that will help you run your equipment efficiently and properly.

If you have further questions later, you can always call our service department.

Do you remodel pools?

Yes, we do remodel!

Check out the services we offer for pool remodeling here, but to name a few:

water features

removing and replacing tile

brick, and stone


replacing the equipment

We specialize in complete swimming pool remodels and rebuilds.

Our hope is to always be the Best Of The Best In-Ground Swimming Pools in North Texas.

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