Best Deals For Pool And Spas

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When Are The Best Deals For Pool And Spas?

Considering the purchase of a pool or spa for your home and want to buy at the right time for the best deals?

Consider buying that home addition in the off-season when the weather is cooler or even at a trade show!

Sure, you might miss out on this summer’s fun, but oftentimes that little wait can be worth it. 

Texoma notoriously runs deals encouraging homeowners to add that swimming pool addition in the winter months.

Purchase A Pool In The Fall And Winter Months

When it comes to purchasing a pool or spa, buying during the fall and winter months or pool-closing season, can save you money.

Often times, purchasing a pool in the fall and winter months can save you money on installation and the pool itself.

Word to the wise, plan to buy that in-ground pool, above ground pool, or spa in the fall or winter. 

This waiting process is not for everyone, but if budget is the issue, here is your answer!

What Are the Advantages For Pool & Spa Installation In The Off Season?

By default, you will get more time to prepare your yard, property, and mindset.

Often before purchasing a fall pool installation or new spa, you may need to get make modifications to your landscape, manage trees, bushes, and shrubs, and monitor or change water flow in your yard.

By waiting until after the season, you’ll gain the benefit of saving some money on pool closing sales.

Saving this money could allow you to buy major accessories such as waterfalls, decking, or major renovations, or even more square footage.

We Want A Pool But Have No Rush To Start Swimming.

Install a pool in the fall and winter months, especially if you are not in a rush to get swimming. 

Plus, you won’t feel the pinch of the summer weather sneaking up on you.

Added bonuses, if you install a spa during the cooler months, you’ll be able to jump in and escape that cold weather!

Potential spa & pool owners should definitely take advantage of the winter spa sales and discounted pool and spa accessories during the offseason as well.

  • Around this time, manufacturers create new lines, discontinue lines and update their lines. So there is typically an end of season sale on items, accessories, and pool upgrades that you can cash in on. 
  • Around this time, the room is needed for new models, so last year’s models will get marked down.

Whether you are interested in putting in a new inground pool in your backyard or installing a new spa on your deck or patio, buying during the cooler, weather months is a great way to save money in the process.

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