Service Department Policy


  1. Texoma Country Pools and Spas warranties our labor to repair or replace the part(s) we installed in the initial service
    for a period of 30 days unless a manufacturer’s warranty covers labor. Our warranty does not cover other problems that
    may have arisen in the interim.
  2. All parts replaced by us will be warranted by the manufacturer’s warranty only. Warranty terms vary.


Payment is required at time of service. Customers with an approved account will be invoiced for service, payment is due
upon receipt of invoice, unless otherwise agreed to in “Pool Maintenance Agreement.”

Home Warranty

The only company we are contracted with is Fidelity Home Warranty. We do not work for any other home warranty company. We work for the homeowner, if the homeowner agrees to the bid and approves the repairs; we expect payment from the homeowner regardless of status of reimbursement from the home warranty company.
pool equipment and pump

Equipment & Structure Service

A Service Fee is charged for an onsite visit to diagnose or repair an issue as requested by the customer. For repairs taking longer than an hour, the customer is charged $100.00 per hour in 15 minute increments.

Multiple visits for the same repair will be charged for the total time on location per hour. The total cost of repair above the service charge is
discussed with the customer prior to continuing with the repair.

If repairs are declined, a service fee is charged. Part warranties do not include labor and a service fee will be charged.








Conditions In Which Techs Not Able To Complete Work

  • Access to work area is prevented or blocked. A trip charge may be assessed.
  • Aggressive dogs, whether they bite or not, must be contained. A trip charge may be assessed.
  • Customer is verbally or physically abusive and/or demeaning.
  • Equipment infested with fire ants or wasps.
  • Freeze protection engaged (Pool Cleaners only).
  • Lightning/storming weather (Pool Cleaners only).
  • Outside our scope of work determined by Texas statutes.
  • Poison ivy encroached on work area.
  • Raining; no electrical or plumbing work (Service Techs only).
  • Remove items from pool that are near or over 100 lbs, or items cleaning equipment is not intended to pick up or would cause damage. i.e. patio furniture, boulders, nails, etc. (Pool Cleaners only).
  • Temperatures below 40°: no plumbing work (Service Techs only).
  • Work area has dog feces that is unavoidable or will contaminate equipment.

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