5 Common Replacement Parts for Above-Ground Pools

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It’s no secret that your above-ground pool in Sherman, TX will require maintenance and replacement parts at some point during its lifetime.

Knowing which parts are more susceptible to deterioration can help you budget your pool money, find parts before they’re needed and keep your pool in better condition.

Replacement parts can be difficult to track down, depending on the age of your pool. Find solutions with your local pool dealer.

We’ll cover five common parts of your swimming pool that will need to be replaced:


 The top cap snaps on the top ledge to protect other parts.

Because it’s not generally attached with a screw, it’s easy for swimmers to knock this part off the pool.

Although this part doesn’t deteriorate, it can go missing. Owners either choose to stop putting the top cap back on or it gets carried off by a friendly canine.

Your pool can operate without the top cap, but this part does make your pool appear finished.


The top ledge is part of the structure of the pool.

Typically, it’s made of steel or aluminum.

The ledge hides the top rims and wall edge from swimmers and acts as secure point for pool steps and ladders.

Provided your kids don’t use the top ledge for jumping into the pool (we don’t recommend this), the material it’s made of determines its durability.

An aluminum top ledge lasts the longest.

A resin top ledge won’t last as long as aluminum, but it will last longer than steel. Steel rusts, even when it has a weather coating.  


The bottom rims are generally installed in-ground, making them vulnerable to the elements, lawn and pool chemicals, dirt and standing water.

These rims are vital to the structure of the pool, providing shape and foundation.

Typically, these rims are made of steel, which is prone to rust. If you’re at the installation stage, consider bottom rims made of resin, not steel.

The initial expense will be greater, but the resin rims will last longer and be easier to retrofit.

Steel bottom rims can be hard to replace, but resin ones cannot be retrofitted to replace them.  


As the name suggests, this part keeps your pool upright.

These vertical posts ring the pool, linking the top and bottom rims and securing the wall.

These parts are typically made of galvanized steel, which as mentioned, has a tendency to rust. If you get can them in aluminum or resin, you’ll be better off.

The uprights also break due to stress, like an uneven dispersal of water weight.  


 These small parts join the wall rims, upright and top ledge.

You risk an on-the-ground flood if these parts rust and fail. These parts are typically galvanized steel.  


 Galvanized steel was once the most common material in the industry, because it’s affordable and easily fabricated.

Today, resin, a high-impact plastic, and aluminum are becoming more common through different manufacturing methods.   However, resin and aluminum are the most expensive materials.

For more information about above-ground pool replacement parts or installation, give us a call.

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